Annual CPD Subscription

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CPD Subscription?options for 2020

Valid until 29 February 2020

Once-off cost
(incl. VAT)

Member including Institute of Accounting & Commerce (IAC) and Accredited Training Centre (ATC) Principal Members

  • Includes ten face-to-face CPD seminars and access to unlimited webinars and online topic material.



  • Includes ten face-to-face CPD seminars, access to unlimited webinars and online topic material.



  • Includes Trainee access to any CPD seminar including Trainee specific CPD seminars.


Webinars ONLY – NEW?value offering exclusive to SAIPA members only (including IAC and ATC Principal Members).

  • Access to unlimited webinars and online subject material.
  • Attendance to FREE face-to-face CPD seminars in January and February 2020 (ONLY these 2 months)
  • Members who want to attend face-to-face CPD seminars after February 2020 will need to book to attend the seminars and will be charged the ad-hoc rate.



CPD Ad Hoc rates for 2020 (half day events)
Valid until 31 December 2020

Cost per event
(incl. VAT)

Member (including IAC and ATC Principal Members)




Trainee specific CPD seminars (Full day events)
These specialised CPD Trainee seminars support the ATC should the ATC not provide competency training in these areas. Trainees will then need to attend 4 specialised CPD seminars and upload to their online logbook in order to fulfil the competency requirement.

R ??525.00

Important information: Subscribers need to book and reserve their seat online before attending any seminar of choice. CPD Subscription options for 2020 do not include automatic access to other SAIPA related events such as but not limited to the Accounting iNdaba, Budget Breakfast and conventions.

How to become a CPD Subscriber for 2020

  • Click on this link and enter your membership number
  • Select your CPD Subscription option
  • You will receive an invoice by no later than 10 January 2020
  • Make a payment to SAIPA (EFT or scan the Zapper QR code on your invoice)

FNB: Killarney
Branch code: 256205
Account number: 62094572487 (Swiftcode: FIRNZAJJ)
Reference: Your membership number/CPD2020

  • Send proof of payment to
  • Your status will be updated to Subscriber


The proposed CPD calendar will be available on by 20 December 2019. Below are some of the topics to look forward to.


  • Performance Management in Private, Public and SME sector (January 2020)
  • Full IFRS (February 2020)
  • Robotics in Finance
  • Team management
  • Tax update
  • Taxation for companies
  • Business Advisory
  • Advanced Practice Management: growing your business, tender management
  • Digitalization and Data analytics
  • Value of information and ethics
  • IFRS for SMEs Financial statements
  • Legislation amendments and company secretarial
  • PAIA and POPI

Public Sector

  • Full IFRS

Commerce & Industry

  • Performance based budgets
  • GRAP


  • Advanced Excel
  • Practice Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Personal Branding

Terms and Conditions

  • Kindly ensure that you register online for your CPD option of choice. You will then receive an invoice and once your payment has been received, your profile will be updated to Subscriber status for you to attend the seminars.
  • Failure to make payment within the prescribed period stated shall cancel the tax invoice supplied and the CPD Subscription will be cancelled. Members will then be invoiced per seminar booked and will be liable for money owed to the Institute. There will be no extension offered.
  • Subscribers acknowledge that once an option is selected online when registering for a CPD option, the subscriber is liable for the fees associated with the chosen option.
  • Registration for the CPD Subscription options are available online from 19 December 2019 and closes on 29 February 2020.
  • Subscribers acknowledge that the CPD Subscription options for 2020 do not include access to other SAIPA events such as but not limited to the Accounting iNdaba and Budget Breakfast (face-to-face or otherwise). All other events will be advertised, priced and invoiced separately.
  • The CPD options are NOT transferable from one member to another member / non-member / trainee /clerk (whether in the same company or not). Non-attendance does not constitute cancellation and fees will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Annual Subscribers who send any other individual in their place to attend the seminars will be liable for a fine of R1000 per event in addition to being compelled to attend a 2-hour Ethics webinar.
  • Registering for any CPD option does NOT mean that a member is automatically booked or confirmed at any CPD event. Subscribers need to register themselves for their selected CPD seminars online.
  • Non-attendance of seminars/webinars during the subscription year will not result in a refund of the paid subscription and subscriptions to be carried over to the following year.
  • Each member shall ensure that they register online for the CPD events they wish to attend and confirm their attendance at least five working days before the closing date for the event by visiting the SAIPA website and checking their booking/s. Cancellations to be made more than 5 (five) working days prior to the seminar starting date in order to avoid receiving an invoice or being liable for the seminar fee.
  • Venue dates and times are subject, however, SAIPA will endeavour to communicate to members of any changes prior to the event. Please regularly check your SAIPA profile for any updates.
  • Failure to make payment within the required period shall cancel the pro forma invoice supplied and the CPD Subscription will be cancelled. Members can then register any other options made, or book for CPD Seminars at the ad hoc rate.
  • The Subscriber acknowledges that ant CPD Subscription does not include and/or form part of their Annual Membership Fees. Where the Annual Membership Fee remains unpaid on their account, any amount paid shall first accrue to the outstanding Annual Membership Fee balance and thereafter to any other amount payable. Your Membership Annual Fee will be invoiced before end 2019.
  • Proof of payment may be requested at registration, should SAIPA not have record of same.
  • All event cancellations are subject to the SAIPA cancellation policy.
  • If CPD Subscription is cancelled during January – December 2020, and all CPDs attended shall be invoiced individually at the ad hoc rate.
  • Should a CPD subscriber cancel a CPD less than five days before the event, SAIPA reserves the right to cancel the CPD Subscription and charge the pro rata amount used by the member for the year, including the cancelled event cost.
  • SAIPA reserves the right to cancel an event should the attendee numbers be less than 5.
  • SAIPA reserves the right to cancel, reschedule an event, a presenter, a venue and/or a booking.
  • Subscribers acknowledge that SAIPA may advertise upcoming events via their mobile contact number or email address that reflects on their membership profile.
  • Subscribers acknowledge that their information may be stored in an electronic format with a third-party cloud services provider which may be located outside the territory of the Republic of South Africa, in accordance with SAIPA’s Privacy Policy.
  • SAIPA reserves the right not to allow any attendee to attend a SAIPA event where the attendee has failed to pay for the said event or failed to satisfactorily confirm such payment.
  • Whilst every caution is taken to ensure attendees safety at events organized by SAIPA; All attendees present at SAIPA arranged events, attend at their own risk;
  • Connecting to local WIFI networks and other electrical and/or charging points is at the risk of the user. ?SAIPA limits all liability and does not warrant nor guarantee against any malware, virus or cyber hacking.

By registering online for the CPD Subscription offers, it is deemed that the member has read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions.